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Monday, January 05, 2009

Thinking like a Philosopher :: Series

To get into second year Philosophy (i did fun subjects like World Religions and the Gospel instead in first year), i've had to write 3,500 words all up on various philosophers, 250-400 per topic.

As i publish them, come back here to see the newest ones.

But they are:

  1. Plato: What is Plato’s theory of forms, and how does his ‘cave’ story help explain the theory?
  2. (a) Aristotle: How does Aristotle differ from Plato?
    (b) Aristotle: Briefly summarise what teleology meant for Aristotle.
  3. Aquinas: In what ways was Thomas Aquinas interested in philosophy?
  4. Theology: What are some examples of the impact of Greek philosophy on Christian theology?
  5. Descartes and rationalism: How did Descartes seek to secure true knowledge?
  6. Locke, Hume and empiricism: In what ways do these thinkers differ from Descartes?
  7. Kant: Why might Kant be described as ‘the answer’ to the dispute between rationalists and empiricists?
  8. Nietzsche: In what ways did Nietzsche disagree with most of what had gone before him?
  9. Derrida: Why does Derrida ‘deconstruct’ things?
  10. Philosophy and theology: In what ways does the study of philosophy help, and/or hinder, the study of theology?

hang on for the ride.

by way of bibliography, to be honest, it's pretty loose. in the end, i drew fairly freely from the following works (whilst hopefully refraining from plagiarism of any kind - i went with the vibe):

Sproul, R.C. The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World. Wheaton: Crossway, 2000.
Fearn, N., Zeno and the Tortoise: How to Think Like a Philosopher. London: Atlantic, 2001.
as well as from a really great podcast,
Warburton, N., Philosophy: The Classics.
and an interview of Robert Rowland Smith by Nigel Warburton on the Philosophy Bites podcast,
Edmonds, D., and N. Warburton, Robert Rowland Smith on Derrida on Forgiveness. Philosophy Bites.

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