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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


awesome - kategoria is now online!

i've been trying to buy up back issues for a while now. but it seems i don't have to any more.

if you've no idea about it, it's essentially a science and christianity magazine. well worth a read.


Friday, October 07, 2011

trinity talks to download

they're up.

the story of the Trinity
the story of the Son
the story of the Spirit

let me know what you think.
more particularly, if you had a 3-talk series on the trinity, how would you break it up? as you can see, i did one on how we went from the Shema to the creeds, then one on why Jesus being God matters for salvation, then the same for the Spirit.

part-way thru, i thought about for 2 and 3 doing salvation and creation or something. so as not to split it up artificially. but i think this worked well as a series.

i won't think less of you if you don't listen. you're still my friend. and you're still welcome to comment on how you'd break it up.

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