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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

John 11 Chiasm

Another one - this time John 11. It seems the central verse here is 'Jesus wept' (11.35). With misunderstandings abounding, with the air of despair from the hopelessness of the situation, what else could Jesus do but weep?!

11.1-7 Tale of two cities
11.8-16 It's dangerous for Jesus
11.17-27 Martha and the resurrection of the dead
11.28-34 Misunderstandings
11.35 Jesus wept
11.36-37 Misunderstandings
11.38-45 Martha and the resurrection of the dead
11.47-53 It's dangerous for Jesus
11.54-57 Tale of two cities

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John 9 Chiasm

I'm in a chiasmic mood today. Here's how I see John 9 playing out:

A 9.1-5 Jesus is the light of the world - but darkness is not far away
B 9.6-7 The incredible - the blind man sees!
C 9.8-12 incredulity from the crowd
D 9.13-17 incredulity from the Pharisees I (man)
C' 9.18-23 incredulity from the Pharisees II (parents)
D' 9.24-29 incredulity from the Pharisees III (man)
B' 9.30-34 Credibility of Jesus - the blind can see!
A' 9.35-41 Because of Jesus the blind see and those who see are blind

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