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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

John 9 Chiasm

I'm in a chiasmic mood today. Here's how I see John 9 playing out:

A 9.1-5 Jesus is the light of the world - but darkness is not far away
B 9.6-7 The incredible - the blind man sees!
C 9.8-12 incredulity from the crowd
D 9.13-17 incredulity from the Pharisees I (man)
C' 9.18-23 incredulity from the Pharisees II (parents)
D' 9.24-29 incredulity from the Pharisees III (man)
B' 9.30-34 Credibility of Jesus - the blind can see!
A' 9.35-41 Because of Jesus the blind see and those who see are blind

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