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Friday, September 19, 2008

happy 200

wow - a double century of posts - who would've thunk it?

but despite roughly a post per week since my first post way back when, i'm still not sure who gets to say hip hip.

a big thanks to those who have me on their blog reader - i'm sure noone else could have continued following me with my irregularity in posting - either that or you need some more blogs to follow if you keep checking here every day to see if i've done anything or not!

since i started using google analytics* in May last year, i've had 4,771 visits from 54 countries, with a peak of 93 visitors on one day (was it something i said, hillsong?)! although, it would be interesting if it turns out he was right, after all.

thanks anyway, i'll try and keep the balance of inane to incomprehensible that you've come to expect.


* the word analytics always makes me giggle now - thinking of Tobias Fümke the analyst+therapist=analrapist

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Anonymous Dave Miers said...

hip hip...

11:15 am  
Blogger Mark said...

... hooray!

oh the tragedy of the passing of Arrested Development!

11:20 am  
Anonymous Dave Miers said...

hip hip...

3:33 pm  

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