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Thursday, September 11, 2008

scandalous politicians

no, this pop-stars band Scandal'US haven't reformed as a political party (although, who could forget their #1 song, me, myself and i).

NSW politics continue to implode, however, with scandal after scandal.
it seemed to start after the iguanas incident (a gosford nightclub, not any reptilian mis-demeanour), and has culminated today with the news of the newly appointed police minister being done for entertaining his co-workers by dancing in his grundies.

what are we to say of it all?
  • on the one hand, we can hold a hard line, calling for anyone to be served the most severe penalty the moment they cross a moral line.
  • on the other hand (typified with Bill Clinton), we know that all politicians are human, that we too fall, and they're just doing a job the best they can.

    what are we to do about it?
  • following the second option above, we can vote for them based on their policies, on their platform, along party lines - whatever does it for you
  • or, we can keep sacking those who fail morally, regardless of their political accomplishments, we can be the ultimate swinging voter, voting only for those who 1/ keep their promises, and 2/ uphold certain moral principles, thus ensuring politicians will get the message we will accept nothing less than what we expect when we vote for them.

    not wanting to be completely non-committal, but i'm just gonna throw it out there. i don't know what the answer is.
  • we're either going to end up with a parliament full of inexperienced people, all fresh to the job because everyone senior to them has fallen on their sword,
  • or, we'll have a parliament full of hypocrites, happy to make promises they don't intend to keep.
    at the moment, it seems we have a good mix of both. although good may not be the best adjective.



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