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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ricoeur on the Sacred

I really enjoyed reading from this book of Ricoeur essays; there was heaps i didn't get, but there was still much gold within.

Interpretive Narrative:
he took a look at Mark's passion narrative, from a narratival point of view. as such, as we look at the characters, there are some really interesting points to pick up on.
Judas is the baddy, yeah? and Peter is the helper, right?
YET, Jesus needed Judas as his helper, and the once-goody becomes a baddy, the guy who you boo and hiss at. Ricoeur talks about this from a perspective of semiotic analysis, with this double subversion in the narrative. I think i normally read the narrative, and think, what do we learn about each character, what do they show us about Jesus, but looking at is this way, with this juxtaposition, along with that in the lead up, 14:18,
"Truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me, one who is eating with me."
betraying the one who came to save them, EVEN one who is sharing the closeness of eating. there is a massive thing said, in eating/betraying, just as with Peter/Judas.

Philosophy and Religious Language:
the difference in discourse internally is also the key to understanding the discourse, as each discourse gives rise to it's own expression of faith.
  • both presenting & fulfilling prophecy
  • the chronicle & the oracle
  • consolidating & dislocating time
  • the stability of founding historical events & the instability of unfolding deadly menace.

    anyway, just some thoughts.
    i need to re-read his essay on evil. another day.

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