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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

little boxes

i remember back in 1994 being in a car driving through rural england, listening to the song "little boxes" on the radio; in my mind it was Bob Downe singing (although that would've been very odd), here is the song complete with claymation:

thanks to Trevor Cairney, the director of CASE, i was reminded of this song via his post reflecting on the "ticky-tacky" nature of existence, the search for meaning therein.

one of the things we always feel we must fight against is the sameness that our circumstances often require of us. the conformity necessitated simply by our needing to fit in, to be accepted, to not cause waves. (of course, i can't help but think of Monty Python's Life of Brian, "yes, we are all individuals!" click here for old time's sake!)

but to what extent should we desire that individuality? to what extent should we seek to put off the identifying features of ourselves that we might better work towards a common goal?

sure we should all be the members of the body we were made to be (c/f 1Cor12), but there is also a good sameness required of Christ-followers, an adherence to Jesus' teaching and example, a like-mindedness, a unity of spirit, a unity in spirit, as stars in the same sky doing the same thing.

do you see where i'm coming from?

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Blogger byron smith said...

Great song - and good point about the the right kind of like-mindedness, one with much room for a great deal of difference, but the call to the solid core is very strong in Philippians 2.1-5. Interesting what goes in this core of like-mindedness though: humility and loving mutual service. This is what has to be the same across everybody in order for genuine difference to be both possible and non-destructive.

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