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Monday, March 10, 2008

slowly emerging

on the emerging church, Rick McKinley writes,
This is a new thing that God is doing and we should respect it as such. When we force the emerging church to define themselves in order to put them into camps it is the equivalent of telling a ten year old to declare what his major in college is going to be. Telling him that if he does not hurry up and figure it out, then there is no telling where he will end up. We are essentially scaring the hell out of him. Putting a yoke upon him that will crush all the life and creativity that is, by nature of being young, the thing we are all attracted to in the first place.

i like a lot about Rick - he's a thoughtful guy, trying to think stuff thru, and being up-front and honest about it. check out his (very infrequently updated) blog, or, probably better, his talks.

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