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Thursday, February 14, 2008


as previously discussed on this blog here and here, as well as on Byron's blog at various times, i've thought a little about the formality of "Church".

in our introduction to Chapel and Prayer Book today at college, it was interesting to reflect on a bit of history.

in reforming the church against the abuses of the Roman faith, the protestants had various ways of trying to reinforce the "new" way that we are saved, namely justification by faith.
and as well as writing and preaching against the deviation from the truth, the reformers also liturgised for the truth.

it is good for us to remember this as we consider how to do church better, and even more so as we reflect on creeds, with their odd wording - actually thinking through, "why would they have said it like this?", "was it really necessary to say that?".

things like the Nicene Creed, the Athanasian Creed (neither of which being appropriately named!), why say, "we believe in one God,"? why not edit out "one"? it goes without saying does it not? but then you learn about Marcion, and you think, yeah, right on, hammer it home.
not to mention the dual progression of the Holy Spirit later on...

i like history.
and am thankful for my (spiritual) forefathers.



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