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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Glory in Flesh

Bultmann, John, 63, observes:
‘It is in his sheer humanity that he is the Revealer. True, his own also see his δοξα; indeed if it were not to be seen, there would be no grounds for speaking of revelation. But this is the paradox which runs through the whole gospel: the δοξα is not to be seen alongside the σαρξ nor though the σαρξ as through a window; it is to be seen in the σαρξ and nowhere else. If man wishes to see the δοξα then it is on the σαρξ that he must concentrate his attention without allowing himself to fall a victim to appearances. The revelation is present in a peculiar hiddenness’.
Bultmann's reflections on John 1:14.
(δοξα means glory; σαρξ flesh)

we do not need to deny the creaturely-ness of the logos, for indeed it is in his becoming human that we see a God reaching out, allowing himself to get bruised and dirtied in the process.

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