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Saturday, February 28, 2009

motorcy... cle

i've had this song in my head for a while now
by Arlo Guthrie - famous for
  1. being the son of Woody Guthrie,
    and for
  2. his 18 minute song Alice's Restaurant Massacree.
it goes:
I don't want a pickle
Just want to ride on my motorsickle
And I don't want a tickle
'Cause I'd rather ride on my motorsickle

And I don't want to die
Just want to ride on my motorcy ...cle.
that's about it. he has an interesting story to explain the song, youtube clip here, one version of the 'verse' here.

just as an aside, i had a squiz at his website - he wants his church to be on some Massachusetts state currency!

it just happens he's gone and bought the church that Alice used to live in (you remember Alice?) and, keeping the name 'Holy Trinity', has dedicated it to all those around the world who believe that there is one truth and infinite ways to approach it.

apparrently on the front door his guru has written,
One God - Many Forms
One River - Many Streams
One People - Many Faces
One Mother - Many Children
this church has been re-consecrated to the service for which it was originally intended - Service to God and to all sentient beings.

never let it be said that there are any sentient beings Arlo doesn't care for.
i wonder how many orang-utans he gets coming thru...
(i still like his songs tho.)

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