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Sunday, February 22, 2009

MKC '09

heard a great quote up at Men's Katoomba Convention (also known as 'man-con') from former National Party leader, John Anderson. it was in response to the Humanist Society's advertising campaign (see also Faith and Theology herefor some alternate suggestions).
he's saying there's 'Probably' no God? as Australia's longest serving transport minister, what if i had told australians the planes 'Probably' won't crash! people would say - so you mean there's a chance they will?
(roughly paraphrased)
his point being, that the chance there probably isn't a God means there is a chance there is - and if there is a chance that there is a God, then we DEFINITELY need to find out to our 100% certainty whether there is.

thanks for pointing that out Professor (of Botany, wasn't it?) Dawkins.

oh, and go to MKC - there are two weekends left to go - Al Stewart and Simon Manchester tag-team their way thru Daniel. it's great.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:56 pm  
Blogger psychodougie said...

thanks for your concise comment Anon, but seriously folks - what if he is wrong?

and what if there is a way to have certainty about the God-question? what if God wanted to and did reveal himself?

and what if choosing not to look into it properly isn't so much to do with the inability to know decisively one way or the other, but not wanting to know decisively one way or the other. (hence Dawkin's stereotype of atheists being content with 'probably' - should we really be content with that?)

(i wanted to point you to Dawkins on Colbert, but it's been taken down. seufz :( )

4:02 pm  
Blogger psychodougie said...

wait - i found it



4:08 pm  
Anonymous Steve Kryger said...

Morning, I'm writing a post next week on Bible college students who blog. I've discovered your blog, and out of courtesy wanted to check if you would prefer I didn't publish a link to your blog. My email is steven AT sydneyanglicans DOT NET.



Steve Kryger
Tech Writer
Sydney Anglicans

9:54 am  
OpenID StephenMac said...

Yea, I thought he was awesome (and incredibly humble). It was such a great talk, and really applicable as well: there is a great need for us to be Christians with integrity, to not just say we are Christians, but to act it out too. A simple, yet powerful, message.

Re: the ad. At first, I didn't get Al's raving about it, and wanting it in Sydney. But John's point made it make sense. Wouldn't someone surely have pointed this out to Prof. Dawkins (who btw, quotes a Professor of German literature as the authority on there being no proof that Jesus existed...)

Do you think there is any value in Pascal's Wager? That if there is no God, then I lose nothing by believing in one. But if there is a God, then believing in him gives me life, but not believing in him is condemnation?

8:09 pm  

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