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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Salt :: Resurrection

the latest AFES magazine is OUT. lots of zombie talk. among other things...

check out mark's blog for his thoughts on the issues - he's one of the editors of Salt.

check out also websalt, there's not nearly as much there as the hard copy, but some interesting articles to get you thinking and (hopefully) talking. included for your reading pleasure is my latest review on Lee Strobel's the Case for Easter.

a little primer:
The only thing that I perhaps missed was the other side – surely the atheists they line up for these apologists to knock down have heard their arguments and remain unconvinced? Does Strobel, writing after his conversion, truly represent the 4 billion plus who remain unconvinced about the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth?

But I guess that book is for others to write. Yet I still had a bucket load of questions I wanted to ask his experts – and that is as a Christian. To play the Devil’s advocate would have raised many more. As a journalist, he was surprisingly soft on his subjects. By no means was he the rock-hard Dick Tracy character he painted himself as in his introduction.

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Blogger mark said...

bro, had a read of your review of strobel's case for easter. nice!

i'm with you - there's more than just "evidence + reason = christian" in conversion!

but like you said - it might just start a debate/conversation/process of conversion!

good work bro - looking forward to seeing more of the fyfe in print!

11:35 pm  
Blogger Mark said...

lots of zombie talk

Really? Only Bec's article explicitly mentioned zombie films (along side Mummy ones) in the printed mag.

WebSalt? Well that's another matter : )

10:50 pm  
Blogger psychodougie said...

yeah ok i admit i was thinking more of websalt, BUT - there was considerably more zombie talk than anything i've read in a long time. how's this:

'Salt :: Resurrection – the most zombie talk of any Christian publication you'll read this year!'

9:16 am  
Blogger Mark said...

Fair enough, Doug.

8:53 am  

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