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Thursday, May 08, 2008

blog-wrap: the gospel and gays

some interesting posts around

particularly liked two:
firstly, from america's young theologianthis on sharing the gospel when not in relationship.

i've chatted to different people about this over the years who have been quite 'anti' this, the normal reason being wanting to not impose 'your thing' on others. the way i responded was the imperative we have in the gospel to 1/ share the gospel even to the ends of the earth, 2/ wanting to snatch people from the fire, 3/ with the people of God being not limited to any particular nation, or more positively being expanded to all nations, just as the prophets of old went and preached repentance to the lost sheep of israel, so we should preach repentance to all (actually i just thought of this one).

have you thought about this/come across this/share this view?

secondly, then, from faith and theology, this on the moral superiority of gays (as a group) (despite the impression you would get from the comments!).

it reminded me of a list of the most influential people in history, and coming in i think at number 3 was Jesus of Nazareth. now we would want to say, 'what?', but the justification is the charge levelled at the hypocrisy, the nominalism, the inconsistancy of those proclaiming to be governed by 'their own lord and master, Jesus Christ'. the discussion of Hauerwas' and Rowan Williams' thoughts is quite engaging indeed.

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