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Thursday, May 15, 2008

THE authorised version

hearing in class today about the book burning resulting from the translation in Isaiah 7:14 of


'almah - young woman, newly married, virgin - that sort of linguistic range

apparently this bible burning happened back in the 4th century when a new authorised version of the Septuagint came out translating 'almah as young woman, not virgin (as in Matthew 1:23). this also happened last century when the worshippers of the KJV, with it's appeal to the tradition of the LXX and Wycliffe for example, was blasphemed with the alternate translation. they were obviously way too liberal in bearing in mind the range, and quite valid translation, of 'almah as young woman, maiden etc.

it particularly reminded me about this guy preaching on the KJV, being a man and not a male, and signs in German toilets, among other things.try not to get too angry as you listen.
i would have loved to see how his congregation were responding!

remember, y'all - kein pinkeln im sitzen!

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Blogger reuben// said...


he seems to have a fatal flaw in his logic, quite literally!

He's quoting a verse which says that God will kill all those who "pee standing up" - and yet argues we should "pee standing up"!

whatever floats your boat, i guess...

3:37 pm  
Blogger psychodougie said...

it seems his issue is not so much with what the text says (ie God will kill those who pisseth against the wall) as with the translators of the NIV, the NKJV (who obviously pisseth sitting down).

i think tho that he's saying, or may've meant to say, that if you pisseth against a wall, you're in a sitting position, and hence unready for battle (cf Judges 7 lapping up water on knees). i don't know if he's thinking of it as an ancient urinal. or if he's thinking at all!

3:45 pm  
OpenID transubstantiation said...

Interesting stuff...

4:02 pm  
Anonymous Dave Miers said...

Ja, Doug, dass die guten Ratschläge, ich werde nicht sitzen pinkeln! Übrigens, das ist ein schrecklicher Film!

8:45 pm  

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