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Friday, April 11, 2008

who said these words?

"Your words and the promises you bring are fair indeed. But because they are new and of uncertain import, I cannot give assent to them and abandon those things which I have for so long observed, in company with the whole XXXX people. But because you have come here as travelers from afar, and as I think I see your intention was to communicate to us those things which you think true and very beneficial, we do not wish you to be harmed. On the contrary, we are taking care to receive you hospitably and to provide you with such food as you need. Nor do we forbid that you should by preaching join to your faith and religion all whom you can."

the options are,
  1. King Ethelbert to Augustine, as reported by Bede in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People (chXXV),
  2. Australian PM to Greg Clarke and John Dickson at the launch last night of the Centre for Public Christianity
  3. the president of Tajikistan to NGOs trying to help his people in the grips of HIV/AIDS

cast your vote NOW!

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Blogger psychodougie said...

thanks for your guesses -
3/ was false - indeed the government of Tajikistan, along with other islamist states, has outlawed proselytising and has it's secret service investigating NGOs on the off-chance they're up to no good
2/ was also incorrect, tho he said something not too dissimilar - which was very encouraging!

the correct answer was 1/ King Ethelbert. if only this was a more common response to Christians... (unfortunately it all went a bit sour after that, but the point remains!)

8:26 pm  

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