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Monday, April 28, 2008

no it's not hugo chavez...

from a couple of weeks ago, Paraguay has a new president, a Bishop become Socialist President.

he's already banging out great quotes, like "from now on the whole country will be my Cathedral."

as a lefty-pinko-commie-socialist christian, i find it quite exciting to see a Christian in the last 50years from the left side of politics going alright. (i guess we've got one in our own Kevin07, although suggesting the australian labor party is even remotely leftist feels a faux-pax these days!)

furthermore, it's fascinating to see someone getting one up on big brother (ie the US), although this article suggests why this may be the case, with this quote:
some say Iraq saved Latin America, that with the Bush administration’s focus on Iraq, that the Latin American governments have much more reflected the base, the people in their countries, rather than pressure from the United States.
hopefully this will be the beginnings of a good step in the future of latin/south america



Blogger Jason Au said...

To clarify, this guy was formerly the Catholic archbishop of whatever the name of the diocese is in Paraguay. He's going to have his own problems as he won as a part of a coalition of strange bedfellows. But still, interesting nevertheless.

(and no, I did not get this info from an online news source)

9:42 pm  
Blogger psychodougie said...

yeah but he only resigned a couple of months ago so he could be a head of state (not allowed by the vatican - i guess unless the state is the vatican!)
says his first lady is his sister - so he's not rushing out to get married or anything now he's got the job (unlike Sarkozy!)
being a bish is obviously a big part of his identity still

yeah i never imagine it's going to be easy for anyone down that neck of the woods!

9:54 pm  

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