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Monday, January 07, 2008

Manga Bible!

this article this morning was a nice wake-me-up.

some comments are always a little disturbing, tho, with this:
"You stay in the culture and we'll come to you."
being one corker.

you can get this bible in the full text version, or just the pictures (i guess at the same level as the brick testament

it was also especially nice to hear mention in the secular media of the Kriol Baibul, a bible published in May of last year (i think) in a language spoken by around 30,000 indigenous Australians in the top end.
in the afore-mentioned article, there's quite an aside about this

i pray this article indeed does great things, not that all will necessarily want to read the manga version (or the Kriol version either), but i pray that people will think anew about what importance this book holds, that it can be read in any language ever spoken, without changing the meaning, without affecting its inspiration, or truthfulness.

of course, there is more work to be done, for whilst you can now read the manga, kriol, and even klingon translations, there are still vast numbers of people without a translation, and even more without access to a bible.

we need to keep praying for people and working towards this, that all may know of our God's messiah, that all may have life in his name.



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That looks cool! I'll have to find one.

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