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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the cordial of judgement

this week's sermon title will be "Lamentations :: Judgement and Lament"

however, i realised this morning that judgement is perhaps one of those "churchy" words, that are confusing to the non-churched, and glossed over by the churched

so i'm trying to come up with an analogy, and i'm currently like the dog doing its circles over its bed before it sits down, with cordial

(was this too obtuse a way to say i've almost come to a definitive decision?)

so if you say "i'm going to make a glass of cordial," the assumption is, you're going to pick the cordial flavour (red or yellow - yes, they are flavours), then you're going to put the the liquid in a glass, add water (never the other way around, unless you're COMPLETELY insane), and then drink the darn thing

likewise for judgement:
God evaluates the situation, makes his decision, and then completes the appropriate action, be this blessing or cursing

judgement isn't just weighing up, it's not just handing down a verdict, but all of these, along with the execution

how many thumbs up does this get - or is it redundant, do people already widely get the idea of God's Judgement?

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