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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

seriously, john

i found this pic at and was a little underwhelmed.

for, while the sentiments are true, honour, where honour is due, should always be the call of the day.
so, attending the anti-APEC rally on saturday, my friend dave's sign expressed our sentiments exactly:
"Howard, you're pathetic."
a roman emperor, let alone great senator of the republic, howard is not.
nor will he be remembered as such.

for those interested, i just wore my usual THE GOV'T LIES. t-shirt (which i've worn at my uni graduation, as well as once, completely by accident, whilst praying particularly for the government at church!).

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Blogger Drew said...

Perhaps your shirt illustrated precisely why you should pray for them.

But then again, do we not lie from time to time?

11:37 am  
Blogger psychodougie said...

ah yes, but that is precisely the point - we are fallible, and should repent when we fail. but when i promise, i should either promise only on things i can deliver, or else not promise, and at the very least apologise for lying.

but does our government? i get the feeling there is a mintru at work, asking, like the serpent, "did john really promise that? was it a core promise?"

so instead of apologising, or promising what can be promised, they simply twist the truth, justify their shortcomings etc.

so yes, we do need to pray for our government.
and vote them out when they lie.

12:41 pm  
Blogger samgirl said...

sure... but all politicians seem to lie..?

God doesn't say only respect our leaders when they are not lying though?

5:54 pm  
Blogger psychodougie said...

good point

we're actually told that we will get dodgy pollies (1Sam8:10-18), also not to kill them (1Sam26:9-11).

however, we also see God turning against rulers, and that they are to be upright, punishing evil-doers and praising those who do good (1Pet2:13-14).

indeed, John the Baptist was arrested and later killed for protesting against the corrupt pollies of his day (Matt14:1-11).
likewise, we are (arguably) not to remain silent when dragged before them (Matt10:17-19) - so long as not for being ourselves corrupt (1Pet2:19!).

anyhow, i reckon there's a good biblical foundation for political action, just as there is a place for suffering persecution, as well as praying for our leaders, corrupt or otherwise.

6:16 pm  

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