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Monday, September 17, 2007

greenies or goodies

with the australian federal election ever closer (despite howard refusing to officially call it - maybe he will, maybe he won't - what fun he must be having), i just thought i'd re-open the ole can-o-worms, Christians and the Greens.

i picked up a handy little "policy snapshots" brochure (from June 2007), and out of the 131 different policy agendas, there were only TWO that i thought were outright wrong. morally, i would have to disagree with those two points.

but, my friends, that leaves 129 points, where i am at a level of agreement, between 6-10 out of 10.

why am i saying this?
am i spruiking for the greens now? No.
am i going to vote for them in both houses? Couldn't say.

then why?
because i am sick and tired of uninformed self-appointed representatives of some imaginary "Christian community" writing off every single policy, again, 129/131 of which i think are quite reasonable, because of fear.

thankfully, that is not the way democracy works - the mainstream policies, especially for a minority party such as the greens, are the ones where they may gain any ground.

AND the policies i object to are not the ones they push. they are not the ones in the one page summary.
the things in the summary are crazy things such as,
  • no nuclear power in australia (they want to invest in green energy, the very thing the federal government has removed funding to in quantities that just aren't funny any more),
  • no new coal mines,
  • cutting carbon emissions by a substantial (not tokenistic) amount,
  • conservation of old-growth forests,
  • public dental care,
  • bridging the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous australians.

    the list goes on. with more of the same outrageous statements.

    perhaps were it not for the climate of fear, australia would not be in the state it is today.

    keep praying for our politicians. and one another.

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    Blogger byron smith said...

    But Doug, surely you know that the Greens eat babies? (except for the vegans, they just compost them).

    11:24 am  
    Blogger byron smith said...

    I assume you've seen this?

    11:27 am  
    Blogger psychodougie said...

    i hadn't but he's spot on.

    i wonder if margaret rodgers (of sydney anglican/southern cross) has read it?

    10:37 am  

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