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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my sincerest apologies

now truly in the dizzying heights of blog-stardom, i've been tagged by Byron to participate in a meme, started off by a site called Christians Confess. The directions are as follows:
  • Apologize for three things that Christians have often got wrong. Your apologies should be directed towards those who don’t view themselves as part of the Christian community. Alternatively, apologize for things you personally have done wrong towards those outside of the church.
  • Post a comment at the originating post so others can keep track of the apologies.
  • Tag five people to participate in the meme.
  • If desired, send an email with the link to your blog post at the Christians Confess site, giving permission for your apologies to be added to the website.

    here goes (deep breath):
    1. I'm sorry that Christians are at once too different, yet at the same time not different enough

    2. I'm sorry for disunity upon schism upon rift upon anathema upon persecution, among earthly representatives of Christ's Church

    3. I'm sorry, when it comes to the things that matter, that Christians are overwhelming the world with timidity, and deafening it with silence.

    i tag Sam, Kurt, Elsie, Hayley and Mark (get back on the horse buddy!)

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    Blogger byron smith said...

    Thanks for a thoughtful post.

    5:59 pm  
    Blogger samgirl said...

    Thanks Doug.

    BTW, I did it.

    6:47 pm  
    Blogger Mark said...

    Done ... begrudgingly ;)

    8:10 pm  
    Blogger Hayley said...

    This was good time for reflection on how I how I live in this world...

    And another thing is my non-Christian friends don't read my blog... because I don't want them to read my religious junk and prayer points, which often includes them... and so they won't hear the apology.

    Should I apologise for this too!

    12:21 pm  
    Blogger psychodougie said...

    a blog is what you make it hayley.

    the question should perhaps be, would you be ashamed if they stumbled across it?

    i'm sure the answer would be no. they may even be interested to know you pray for them. (my friends have no idea why i do this for them!)

    5:34 pm  

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