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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Batman the Musical

been oddly talking about musicals a bit lately. my parents took us to see the very fun wicked the other day, which fits in between the wizard of oz and return to oz - surely one of the scariest movies ever. i guess sort of like the sarah connor chronicles in between the terminator and T2. the interesting thing about wicked was the not just the freudian analysis of the wicked witch of the west - what made her the 'wicked' witch, why was glinda the 'good' witch. but if people talk about good and wicked, do we need to rethink what those titles mean; who gave them the titles; are we just buying into the hype?

and for some strange reason people are still banging on about buffy the musical which i pray i will never have to see.

anyway, this is a little more my taste. complete with the music meister and the black canary.

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Blogger John said...

There was a Buffy musical. It was called "Once More With Feeling." Quite good.

11:21 am  
Blogger John said...

Oh that you won't have to see. Okay.

Well, you should. It was one of the finer Buffy episodes (for which there is stiff competition).

11:22 am  

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