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Monday, July 27, 2009

German Bible Café

[UPDATE :: new site ::]

last sunday was the last at my church. this sunday was the first at German Bible Café.

it was pretty exciting to read and pray in German, in our first steps to reach out to the 20,000+ German speakers in Sydney, 5,000+ of whom live in Sydney's east.

seven grown-ups met at St Matthias, Paddington, and we ate, drank and chatted through Ephesians 1:1-14.

needless to say, your prayers are appreciated. if you know of German-speakers (hint: if they're from Germany, Austria or the east of Switzerland, they more than likely speak some kind of German) who are Christians, or who are interested in finding out about God, do point them in our direction.

anyway, that's what's going on. hope you're well.

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Blogger Klaus&Jude said...

Hey, you are the #1 google hit :-)

4:28 pm  
Anonymous hoozee said...

I wonder if an English precis of the important items of information could be included on the site - for English-speakers who are checking out whether to refer the site to any German-speakers they may know.

6:59 pm  
Anonymous hoozee said...

After my first comment, I realised there is an English page - maybe there should be an English heading on the home page to alert English-speakers to the English bit

9:45 am  

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