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Sunday, December 09, 2007

noone thinks big of me?

i've been thinking a bit about this ad, especially with all the wet weather we've been having the last few weeks.
(check out the other RTA ads here)

now, these ads are quite clever, and i even heard of a man suing for sexual harassment after getting "the pinkie" (whether or not he was speeding or exhibiting similar hoon-esque behaviour i'm unsure).

i may be in the minority, but when i think getting sideways, doheys, fishtailing, i'm not thinking voyeurism.
rather, it's a little bit of fun, to slip and slide, knowing you're in charge of a vehicle, that you're throwing about like a BMX, but you don't have to pedal really hard, rather just hit the gas.

i realise this is un-pc, and i in no way advocate this type of behaviour in any place where you may put others in danger, or even scare people.
i'm just saying the insinuation that the only reason one might ever feel the urge to behave such is 1/ because they're insecure with their man-hood, and 2/ that they do it to show off, tho perhaps the case in individuals, not the only possible explanation.



Blogger John said...

It's a pretty funny ad. Reminds me of this.

2:11 am  
Blogger psychodougie said...

yes, quite.

ah, hummers, what will they think of next!

3:08 pm  

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