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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Clear and Present Word Part II

The second point of Mark Thompson’s observations on the clarity of scripture is;

2/ Christian Theology is unavoidably Trinitarian.

Again, using Peter Adam’s catchphrase, “God’s Words, to his people, by his Spirit, about his Son,” we see that even the most base study of the scriptures requires the foundation stone of Christian Theology is Theos, God – whom we know as he has revealed himself to us – that is, father, spirit, son.

Although questions and debates have come up over time (most importantly with Athanasius’ debates with Arius, and even on this very blog (here!)), the consistent revelation of God, that has shaped and by definition must continue to shape Christian Theology, is at once the unity and distinct personae of the Godhead.

Therefore, when discussing God, when ‘doing theology’, we must deal with him on his terms. It therefore ceases to be Christian Theology when we cease to engage with his special revelation to mankind as it is.

I guess it goes without saying, but the new and captivating debates in what one might even call “secular theology”, seem to revolve around a re-discovery of God, a new reading of Jesus, “the God the Church never wanted you to find”, or similar rot.

It gives people what their itching ears want to hear, but unfortunately a god that is not the God of the Bible, is not the God who gives life, by his Son, as revealed to his people, by his Spirit.


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