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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yay! federal elections!

excited as i am about educating the electors of our nation's parliament, for a change someone else is taking up the mantle: a church fairly-well central to my local seat of Wentworth is hosting an election forum.

invited are:
  • Hon Malcolm Turnbull, MP, Member for Wentworth, Lib
  • Mr George Newhouse, ALP
  • Susan Jarnason, NSW Greens
  • Pierce Field, Australian Democrats
  • Andrew Markwell, Family First
  • Danielle Ecuyer, Independent

    hopefully there will be an opportunity to have real questions answered honestly, but owing to the meeting being held in a church, one would also pray that the leaders will be reminded of their standing under God, that their authority is possible only under God's sovereign hand.

    anyway, i can't wait to get to fill in all the boxes in the substantial Senate form; it's great being able to encourage the smaller parties by giving them my primary vote, but also knowing where my vote should eventually end up.

    and of course, choosing who to put motherless last is always fun too!



    Blogger Car-o-line said...

    you fill in all the boxes too? that's cool. it is sorta fun... but it's a bummer if you miss one box... I did that once... and had to go back and get another sheet.

    12:46 am  
    Blogger psychodougie said...

    yeah i guess that's always an worry!

    good to remember that you don't need to cross it out or whatever (the scrutineers will pounce on anything they can if it's against their party), you just ask for a new one and start again.

    i mean, it's only once every few years, taking a couple of extra minutes shouldn't phase anyone

    7:51 pm  

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