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Sunday, November 11, 2007

cracker nite

i miss the good old days growing up in canberra, where you could duck down to your local service station or corner store (back when they still had them), or even to the guy who sells (depending on the season), fireworks in gunpowder season, peaches in stonefruit season, roses in flower season and so on, and grab the latest and greatest in fireworks.

and whenever there was nothing great on t.v. or you didn't feel like playing 500, then out into the backyard and thar she blows!

hopefully unrelated to my high-school po-ha (a small, simple cracker) misdemeanor, there was a crack-down on out of season fireworks.

which means we see them only on New-Year's Eve (weather permitting), the Queen's (Official) Birthday and particular sporting events.

so what then, i ask, was this about?

last night, leaving the Sydney Opera House, this! for at least five minutes!

i like to think this was simply some left-over fireworks that were approaching their use-by date.

do any Sydneyites know?
what about the conspiracy theorists - speculations?

maybe they were just thanking me for getting out and enjoying this world city. it's good to do from time to time.

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Blogger deb-o-raw said...

Hey, my cousin was getting married at Circular Quay on Saturday night & the father of the groom told us that he arranged the fireworks for that special event - conveniently enough it was between the speeches & the cake cutting. Perfect timing.

But of course, he was joking.
I have no idea what they were for either!

12:39 pm  

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