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Monday, April 16, 2007

jude's saucy sources

anyone who may've been trying to keep up with jude, may well be asking the question, "where did he get it from?"

this table* shows us where he gets them from, the sources he's drawing on for his attacks on those who would pervert the grace of God into a license to sin.
click on picture to enlarge
now, don't go trying to find the Assumption of Moses - it isn't the Testament of Moses, nor is it the Apocalypse of Moses, fun as they are to read. it hasn't been sighted for over 1500yrs.

you can get a hold of Enoch if you want tho - enjoy the 119 chapters of hilarity, hijinks and slap-stick action, as the good angels take on the bad angels, in a do-or-die battle of cosmic proportions (the film version will be called License to Sin, or it should be. i still don't know why the makers of Bond chose against it.)

but both Enoch and Assump. Moses are typical examples of this apocalyptic, pseudepigraphical literature that was going around back in the day (ie C1 BC - C1 AD and thereabouts). Hence my attempts to contemporise his message with a previous post.

to really make sense of Jude's letter, copy it into a word document, and delete or move aside the examples, it's a really clear and easy read then, and when you put them back, Shazzam - It's super straight-forward!

big ups to mark for making that plain to me!

it's been really helpful in the way i read apocalyptic literature - thinking about the big picture, not getting ground down trying to understand the minutae - it's actually been an emancipating experience, not to put too high a note on it!

anyway, have a try, tell me what you think.

*not sure if you can make a table in blogger, hence the screen grab...

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Blogger Mark said...

Your diagram of Jude's illustrations was VERY helpful on Sunday Doug. It meant you could effectively demonstrate the pattern of "walk-talk-judgement", without having to detail every example. Good stuff.

BTW - the idea of indenting the illustrations to better get the flow of the letter was actually from a friend at college. I'm happy to take the credit though!

8:13 am  
Blogger psychodougie said...

i didn't bother talking about the indenting in the evening. i needed a picture - words couldn't do it.

thanks for your leading - was a really well integrated couple of meetings.

3:46 pm  

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