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Friday, August 11, 2006

My Memory is Your Memory

I remember watching a special on memory years ago, the idea of virtual memories in particular.
Coming off things such as Johnny Mnemonic, Ghost in the Shell (Stand Alone Complex) and the 2 movies, the idea that a soul may not be innately tied to the body fascinates me.
Especially considering the oft quoted Jewish doctrine of the body and the soul being one, to what extent are we able to virtualise memory? To the extent where we have duplicated the soul?

This clip got me thinking about it, we were planning to do this with my rapacious facial hair, take a photo every day, watching the progress and regress.
It may be too late to copywrite the idea, but i would love to do it one day.
Anyway, watch the clip.:

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Blogger samgirl said...

The Video is pretty cool! Ithink you should do it.. it would be good to see your different hair styles also!!!

12:02 pm  
Blogger Mark said...

Augustine has some interesting things to say about the concept of MEMORY (Confessions, X). He explores the whole Platonic idea about whether the human mind can actually know God through the knowledge fixed already in our memories. Ie. do we have an inherent knowledge of God (ie. memory) that we can access through our powers of rationality? [So for example in Romans 1:21 what is this universal knowledge that all people deny]

In the end, Augustine refutes Platonism’s claim that memory alone can give us knowledge of ‘the One’. In order to reach and know God, according to Augustine, we must ‘pass even beyond this power of … memory’ (Conf. 10.14). For it is only by the grace of God that our ‘blindness be chased away’ and we come to Him in peace (Conf. 10.27). Augustine concludes it is not by the senses or by reason alone that we will come to wisdom (Conf. 10.40), but it is only with Christ ‘the true Mediator’ that saving knowledge can come (Conf. 10.43).

10:14 pm  
Blogger Mark said...

You might regret saying that I never comment on your posts!

10:27 pm  

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