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Friday, October 26, 2012

Cradle.Cross.Crown.Choice Series

Series finished.
Think it was good.

All the talks are now up:

Why it is legitimate to search for God, and why that search is rightly begun in trying to understand Jesus.

That Jesus willingly went to the cross points to a great problem, which can only be solved by his death.

If Jesus was raised from the dead, it vindicates him, it points to the goodness of our physicality (our bodies), and points to his authority both now and into the future.

Jesus' message was that we need to choose between the true God that he reveals, or a false god of our own making.

1Recording failed - re-recorded later on in my lounge room (hence no laugh-track!)
2Projector died, AND laptop also. People had to squint to see laptop, which was crashing every couple of minutes. Fun technological times!



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