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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rowan Williams on Scripture

i stumbled across this as i stumbled across this old post from the blogging parson. and it's gold.

his argument is
  1. christians are people who read scripture - or have scripture read to them.
  2. hearing implies silence, we sit as listeners.
  3. we imagine that the original audience are in some sense one with us.
  4. he writes:
    the ‘time’ in which we hear Scripture is not like ordinary time. We are contemporary with events remote in history; we are caught up in the time of recitation, when we are to reimagine ourselves. For this moment, we exist simply as listeners, suspending our questions while the question is put to us of how we are to speak afresh about ourselves. We stand at a point of origin, and, as listeners, our primary responsibility is to receive.

it sounds like he's already thought through what i want to say. and said it better.

but he's drawn out well for me the implications of being a Christian listener.

further down in his essay he fleshes out both what it looks like to read a text as a listener, as well as to receive said text.

anyway, it was good.

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