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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'marriage equality'

i got a bit fiery listening to deborah cameron on 702 local sydney radio this morning.
i wrote:
seriously - what bollocks. the use by your guest and his organisation of the term 'marriage equality' is such a perverted use of 'equality'. it is a re-imagining of what marriage is, and has nothing at all to do with equality. by using it he is saying that the issue is equal to the fight against racism or slavery - for true human equality.
what he wants is to re-imagine marriage as no-longer a committed relationship open to welcoming children but as the epitome of a skewed idea of 'freedom' - everyone doing whatever they want.

how would you say it differently? or at which points would you disagree?



Anonymous Mark Earngey said...

good call mate.

did you see Compass on Sunday night? Bp. Forsyth and a number of others discussing gay marriage. fascinating discussion with so much misunderstanding. if you missed it, you can watch it on ABC iView over the interweb.

One of the MASSIVE challenges I see, is that what we Christians are arguing for, is actually fairly nuanced. And given the highly emotive nature of the issue, it's extremely difficult to get the point across - illustrated by Forsyth's attempts to be clear.

An interesting counter-question which Forsyth put to the pro gay-marriage people was to do with polygamous relationships. should we embrace polygamous relationships? If not, why not?

that last question gets to the ontological assumptions behind those who are pro gay-marriage.

11:16 am  
Blogger Robert Marshall Murphy said...

So much of modern society defines freedom as "freedom from" instead of "freedom to". Marriage has ceased to be a safe place to be who God made you to be, and instead is a optional state that elect to "do" as long as it benefits me.

12:26 pm  

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