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Thursday, August 28, 2008

a break and a driscoll

have not been posting much.
except to lament my poor pens.
partly coz of busyness, partly coz our internet went over 350Gb!

one possible reason for this is (ruling out for the minute porn) massive downloading of vodcasts - and very probably of Mark Driscoll, pastor of super-church (i think they call 2000+ a mega-church, but super-church sounds so much better) Mars Hill in Seattle.

he's in town, talked at a RICE event on Saturday, at St Thomas' North Sydney on Sunday, at bible skool on Wednesday, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre last nite (burn your plastic jesus), and is sharing the stage with Don Carson at Engage this weekend. he's also been up and down the central coast like a nomad (according to DMDC).*

apart from constantly berating Australians, and Australian men in particular, for not moving out of home and getting married, he's been quite interesting.

i can really see how he's worked hard at dissecting Australian culture; it was interesting to say that one of the main ways he does that is watching TV - he says back home he has two tevos, one for him, another for his family. and they watch, dissect, discuss etc.

i'll post some more thoughts when i've thought some more.

* i'd put links to all these, but your internet is probably much better than ours - at least until monday!


Blogger Mark said...

I'd love your thoughts on "Burn Your Plastic Jesus" Dougo. Soldier on mate!

4:04 pm  
Blogger Honoria said...

Yeh, it's interesting to see how people at Chappo have responded to the "get a mortgage" message...

Just in case ducks are into frivolous things, I've tagged you in a meme:

8:31 pm  

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