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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


wordle is fun. and not procrastination either. well, it is, but there is a purpose, as justin via mpj rightly say.

Firstly then, from my sermon last week on Exodus 16-17: (CLICK TO ZOOM IN ON PICS)

then we have, from earlier in the year, a sermon on Philippians 2:12-18:

A two-part series from last year on Lamentations:

and finally, a wordle from what you see on this blog!

i'm not sure what to say about all this, what i can understand better about how i preach, at least the words i (intend to) read out aloud. i would like to see the word love there a little more, it really doesn't stand out as it should, except in the Philippians talk. thankfully there's not too many 'churchy' words, which pleases me. i'm glad to see hope stand out in the Lamentations talks, that's something i really wanted to impress from that book.

what else? what stands out and doesn't? what should stand out but does?

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Blogger reuben// said...

Wow! that's really interesting...

I think it's a quote from a movie, but the name eleudes me -

"just because you say something twice, doesn't make it better"

3:51 pm  
Blogger bec said...

That's fantastic...I love that kind of thing. And a very good way to assess sermon content!

9:43 pm  
Blogger psychodougie said...

cheers reuben, that's a good one to bear in mind! i like to say things at least 3 times; even if it's not better, at least the question will be raised - "maybe he's on a different level from me... he keeps saying that... man, he's deep". or something like that.

bec - i'd be interested to see what it does with stuff you write in a different genre to sermonising. i guess it would have quite a different word-bubble, perhaps more even, perhaps not - hmmm. it also may make you paranoid about over-using favourite words (obviously is my big no-no with essays!). let me know how it turns out with your stuff anyway!

10:29 pm  
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