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Monday, August 06, 2007

scripture help?

in my 4th semester of scripture teaching, the kids keep coming up with absolute corkers
from years 4 and 6, the current lot of questions are:

  • How can Jesus be both Joseph’s and God’s son?

  • How is Jesus in the line of David if he's only been adopted by Joseph?

  • Why are the genealogies in Matthew and Luke different?

  • What's the go with Jesus' tomb?

  • (after hearing Goliath was 3m tall), how can we really trust what it says in the Bible?

    i've got some ideas for most of these (the Jesus Family tomb is ok), but i really don't feel like i've got "knock-down answers" for all of them

    any advice would be helpful!

    thanks blog-community!

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    Blogger eblondet said...

    How can Jesus be both Joseph’s and God’s son?

    Jesus was God's son, just like we all are, he was biologically Joseph's son.

    How is Jesus in the line of David if he's only been adopted by Joseph?

    See above, besides the fact is that in reality, he was more directly from the line of David as well from Mary's side. (email me for more details)

    Why are the genealogies in Matthew and Luke different?

    Because these books are compilations from 2250 papyrus & documents gathered circa 300-306 in order to create what we know today as the NT, and I guess someone there in Nicea, had a sense of humor. Decided to play a trick that would last centuries, or at least until the humans decided to think for themselves and actually try to understand the work of fiction that the Bible really is.

    What's the go with Jesus' tomb?

    Right now, the jury's still out. More studies and tests are being performed in all items recovered in the tomb, as well as the "Iacov bar Iusef echui Iesu" Ossuary, which has been put in public trial in Israel along with it's owner Oded Golan. Apparently, the tactic is, proving that the Iacov (James) ossuary is a forgery IN ANY WAY will discredit the whole Iesu (Jesus) tomb because the investigators have based all their conclusion in the possibility of thi Iacov ossuary being the 10th and missing ossuary. But I know there's a lot more that can be proved without the confirmation of the Iacov ossuary belonging to te same cluster of the other 9 ossuaries finally re-found in the IAA's warehouse.

    (after hearing Goliath was 3m tall), how can we really trust what it says in the Bible?

    We must learn to hear our heart, the truth is really out there, our heart is our biggest intuitive part of our being (not the muscle, but the spiritual heart). I believe, that if you are making these questions is because your heart is telling you that you don't trust the Bible anymore. That, actually, has NOTHING to do with your FAITH. What it may be happening is that your spark has finally awaken and you are ready to seek and accept the true that has been hidden for so many centuries and many hoped that no one would ever figure out.

    12:25 pm  
    Blogger eblondet said...

    Ohhh I just re-read the beginning of the posting...these are not your questions, these are your student? 4-6 years old?

    That would absolutely explain it...they just have not been programmed quite yet.... They still are innocent and still see beyond the society. They ask why why and more whys.

    Isn't innocense a beautiful thing?

    12:28 pm  
    Blogger samgirl said...

    It's great to see kids asking questions … seeking the truth!

    The truth is out there and can be found- the ultimate truth is God! and has been revealed to us in his word (the Bible).

    eblondet - have you ever had a chance to read the bible??

    My Brief thinking... on the 1st question:

    How can Jesus be both Joseph’s and God’s son?
    Jesus is God's son (divine) [unlike us!!!]
    and Was born (as a human) to Mary
    (through the Holy Spirit).
    Since Joseph was married to Mary - he was Jesus' father on earth.

    Children should understand adoption - that could be a useful example - not quite the same but helpful in explaining

    Jesus had to be fully God and fully man in order to rescue us and enable us to have relationship with God! It is only through Jesus that we can call God “father”. (Galatians 4:4-7)

    11:00 am  
    Blogger psychodougie said...

    thanks for your interesting comments eblondet

    i would hope you might have guessed from my blog that I'm actually a Christian who believes that the bible should be read literally, ie, according to its literary style, which means love songs should be read as such, poetry as such, biographies as such, letters as such etc.
    the archaeological and other historical evidence for the antiquity of the gospels, among other parts of the bible, satisfactorally convince me of their validity as sources from which we are able to find out about the man who lived, died, and rose again, as well as claimed to be God.

    the whole Nicea 'joke', as you put it, is therefore historically a fallacy (perpetuated by romps thru pseudo-history such as the Da Vinci Code), with the contents of the greater part of the NT well established long before the Nicean council!

    So my starting premise is therefore somewhat different to yours.

    there's an interesting article here, which may be helpful in debates regarding the 'jesus' family tomb', if this is something you're still trying to figure out.

    AND thanks samgirl, the adoption example is a good one - whilst retaining full relationship with both fathers, i guess!

    11:08 am  
    Blogger byron smith said...

    Oh - I wrote a long answer a few weeks ago, but it seems to have disappeared?

    I was interested to note on last night's news that there is a new tallest man in the world, a Ukrainian who is 2.57m. Yet the tallest ever recorded (in recent history) was a guy who reached 2.72m before dying in 1940.

    11:42 am  
    Anonymous Josh said...

    I'd understood the different genealogies related to Mary/Joseph separately. Don't recall which is which, though. So, they're the same up to a point because in the distant distant past they were both related, but the point at which they diverge onwards is the maternal or (paternal... which isn't quite accurate... patriachal, perhaps?) genealogies of Mary & Joseph.

    6:46 pm  
    Blogger psychodougie said...

    sorry to have missed your extended response Byron. i did end up mentioning the ukrainian and that bloke who died 2.72m high - coincidentally from a pressure sore cause by an ill-fitting brace (i used to be an orthotist!)

    and Josh, the Jesus Tomb documentary (a very loose use of the term doco, i admit) likewise said the luke genealogy was mary's line. they did go on to say they were cousins, failing to mention the degrees of separation (8th or 9th cousins or something!)

    3:43 pm  

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