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Friday, June 01, 2007

thru a mirror dimly

... it is as if this story's (Mark's biography of Jesus) method is to possess the reader through its characters, in order to provide a range of mirrors back on the viewing I.

what is the purpose of the scriptures?
what do you like about this quote?
what would you change?

(from John Carroll's The Existential Jesus)



Blogger May said...

at first glance doesn't make sense.
on second glance still doesn't make sense.

is there meant to be I at the end?


head hurts.

it is as if the story possesses the reader through the use of characters all of which provide a range of mirrors to reflect.

i half get it. aah it's late and i don't like it still.

12:49 am  
Blogger May said...

ohhh i just saw your double post... no you did that on purpose? with the different formatting?

oh i'm confused :(

12:49 am  
Blogger psychodougie said...

there is meant to be an i. it's saying it's about seeing yourself in the story, in the mythos of mark.

the double post was not on purpose. gone now. that would've been a bit too profound for me!

1:31 pm  
Blogger byron said...

What about multiple purposes? Not sure we need to just pick one...

7:51 pm  

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