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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Another email

I doubt I will receive a response, but I received another email from GetUp today asking for money to fight the postal plebiscite. It was linked to this campaign. As someone who doesn't support the redefinition, I objected to the way I was characterised in the email.

Here was my response:

Please, stop with the hurtful speech and divisiveness. It is not only the 'hard right conservatives' - this soft left conservative takes action on climate change and cannot stand what is happening in Nauru and Manus.
Your email promotes further division by characterising everyone who holds a traditional view on marriage as a bigot ('prejudice and division'; purveyors of 'anonymous hate').
If you believe redefining marriage to remove gender is best for our society, then make your best case for it. Promoting love as the highest good and describing redefinition as equality is your right, but there are coherent valid arguments for not redefining marriage which are not bigoted or hate-filled, but simply have a different understanding of the essence of what marriage is.
Labor has now had various positions in the last 5 years or so: (1) maintain the traditional definition, (2) support a plebiscite, (3) ban anyone from the ALP who does not support redefining marriage and (4) oppose any form of plebiscite. This is clearly wedge politicking and is not based on principles. So for GetUp and your members who support your stated view on this issue, complaining about/boycotting/fighting the postal vote is one option; putting your best argument for a positive view of society that redefines marriage as genderless, and showing the moral high ground against anyone who would bring the debate down would be a better approach.
Sincerely - keep up the good work on other issues.

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Blogger psychodougie said...

They responded which was nice. Appreciated my comments and hoped I'd continue to support their other work.
So that was nice. We'll have to see if it translates into a changed tone.

2:26 pm  

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